#ActToPlan & Build Business Tenacity


Jessica Dewell – Founder of Red Direction and Infusion Principle


Red Direction is on a mission to support small business owners and founders build longevity and sustainability in their business with independence at every level:

  • Purpose of each job in the organization.
  • Teach problem solving to best serve the customer and maximize company profit.
  • Unify department-specific strategies to the business mission and values.
  • Create shared meaning to better evaluate new hires, guide and grow current teams, and effective business check-ins.

Why are you doing what you’re doing?


Change Agent – Innovation,
Business Culture, and Tactics

Invest in your team to cultivate strategic and conceptual thinking skills, response to unexpected events, and expand understanding of how their role fits the business purpose.

Founders, business owners, serial entrepreneurs, teams and other decision-makers be enabled to deliver a set of clear expectations rooted in the vision and mission for sustainablity and profitability.

Look at Buzzwords for What They Are