Got Connections?

If the answer is “no,” then you may need: A newsletter call-out clearly describing a value. A distinct, easy-to-follow path to specific, useful information which keeps a visitor interested and wanting more from your website. Selective placement of complimentary material and services that people will see while navigating through web pages. Individuals seeing how you…

Show - don't tell - your story.

In show and tell…it’s about the show.

Everything in life must adapt or die. As technology changes prompt people to interact with aspects of their everyday lives differently, services must likewise progress. Today’s choices affect product marketability. Creating ongoing product relevance requires an understanding of the core audience – and acknowledgement of the fact that human beings inevitably will evolve over time.…

What triggers action from Character Customers?

Customer Expectations Impact Messaging Priorities

Demographics, which distinguishes attributes of specific populations (size, age, economic status, level of education, etc.), can illustrate the type of customer who will be most likely to use a product. The related study of sociographics also uses statistics, but with a focus on the social aspect: i.e. values, challenges and relationships. Revealing consumer thoughts about…