Five Opportunities to Create Raving Fans (Without Much Extra Work)

Your digital strategy is in full swing: defining niche market segments through Character Customers (expanded buyer personas); setting up listening and replying processes; and converting traffic into reliable customers with Internet marketing on a spiffy website. Terrific, right? Well, don’t get comfortable just yet! Continuing improvements and expansions is a necessary, ongoing task. (More creativity?…

Website visitors are like secret shoppers.

Make Decisions Based on Website Visitor (aka Secret Shopper) Actions

Secret or mystery shoppers are people whom retail brick-and-mortar stores employ to provide individualized feedback. These shoppers have a set of fixed criteria to work with while in a particular store. Ratings are based on attitude, helpfulness and knowledge of store staff. Of course, such reviews are very subjective as customer attitude also contributes to…

Move forward. Execute your digital strategy.

Go, no go? Four Results of Waiting.

Waiting to make changes is easy; that is, continuing to put off decisions rather than jumping in. Redoing the legwork is subsequently harder than first starting: Research again to ensure you’re looking at the best business solutions. More caveats, obstacles and moving parts exist, creating a (slightly) different set of requirements. Priorities change; the duplication…

Two-way dialogue with your target audience.

Deliberate, Energetic, Authentic Digital Strategy!

Companies and patrons are comprised of genuine human beings – a fact that often falls by the wayside in the rush of daily tasks. Why is this concept important? Because the way we choose to present information directly and indirectly impacts every aspect of business. Creating content and sharing/curating other relevant material provides opportunities for…