internet marketing is a series of selective choices over time.

Engage Selectively, Participate Fully

Many social media platform choices are available, and each displays good/better/best approaches for fully utilizing features to maximize consumer connections. But even if one has a small team, trying to fully build out each component part inevitably takes away from business-generating activities. A significant number of business owners believe not having a page on every…

Go after the best business: your target audience

Go After the Best Business: Your Target Audience

You create a product; define Character Customers for each target market segment; and sell an experience that enhances the quality and placement in the market. Yet the competition focuses only on features, and promotes their offering as having everything yours does, for less money. Of course you feel pressure to take action…but what plan represents…

3 Ways to Connect Content & Goals

Content Strategy: Three Ways to Effectively Connect Content and Goals

Putting off a content review? Don’t! This periodic communications exercise is important, even necessary, for a healthy company. Right now, take a critical look at a recent blog post, the latest tweet, or that new website marketing blurb. Does the copy accurately reflect your business goals? If not, then your content creation skills require honing…