3 Ways to Connect Content & Goals

Content Strategy: Three Ways to Effectively Connect Content and Goals

Putting off a content review? Don’t! This periodic communications exercise is important, even necessary, for a healthy company. Right now, take a critical look at a recent blog post, the latest tweet, or that new website marketing blurb. Does the copy accurately reflect your business goals? If not, then your content creation skills require honing…


Content Strategy: Five Steps to Shape Expectations

People search online to find solutions to their problems. But how do they decide what offerings to consider in their needs? Individuals become open to the idea of trying your product by listening to those already using it: trusted friends, family and colleagues. Such potential customers are primed, so to speak, to view your wares…

Find the influencers in your target market segments

Five Characteristics of Target Market Influencers

The term “influencers” encompasses a wide range of people respected as thought leaders, whose traits include trustworthiness and knowledgeability. You need to connect with such individuals within your identified target market segments and build sustainable relationships in order to support business goals for the niche markets. Building and using Character Customer Profiles can flesh out a…

Who is your target customer?

Build and Use Character Customer Profiles

Providing a unique look into your business, the Character Customer concept further examines specific target market segments by creating faces and lives representative of the group. Character Customers don’t have to be real. Instead, they should represent the target market’s lifestyle, needs and wants, including thoughts about and perceptions of sales messages. Using actual, existing…