Growing Small Business — Collaboration, Boundaries, and Listening Well


One can’t overestimate the importance of learning to listen well (a skill which represents a deliverable in and of itself). Workers are dependent upon you, as both business owner and de facto team leader, to perceive the nuances of their comments and actions.

Individuals who love supporting one another in the workaday environment represent the cohesive “glue” of a thriving company. Yet such commendable employees may be in danger of burnout. Are we experiencing a kind of existential exhaustion from the act of over-collaboration?


Growing Small Business — Factoring in Experience


Room & Board is an American modern furniture and home furnishings retailer whose inventory is 90 percent American-made. Nice, right? Well, the company goes one better: they actually come out and FIX furniture in the customer’s own home.

Skeptical? Don’t be – I’ve personally made use of this in-home furniture repair service.


Growing Small Business — Establishing the Cost of a Product or Service

If your small business – and by extension, YOU – are potentially available 24/7, how do you determine what is an equitable, livable fee to charge for your product and/or service?

Determining what to charge is a challenge for any business, at the beginning or in product evaluation. There are real-world consequences in charging too much or too little. And what about the competition? Do you want to beat competitor pricing, or is there room to value your wares higher?