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Jessica Dewell will speak at your event.Grab chaos by the hand. Skills change the game!

In business, the unexpected shows up in many ways. Jess Dewell, founder of Red Direction, perceptively talks about symptoms of such surprises: the indicators of team issues impacting results. Highlighting concerns through a thoughtful, realistic lens can, however, serve as the catalyst for beginning the change you want to see, and supporting transformation in progress.

Jess’ speaking and training sessions engagingly facilitate analysis of sensitive topics:

  • We’ve lost our creativity.
  • My team and I are close to burnout – we’re running and getting nowhere.
  • We act on information we have, but we’re backtracking a lot.
  • We heard about a system, and we are doing it … but we are not getting the expected results.
  • We want more team (and owner) leadership.

What are the top three topics Jess covers? We’re glad you asked:

  • Power to Learn is Power to Earn
  • Seven Business Lies We Wish Were True
  • The Strategy of All Strategies

Consider the benefits of a keynote, talk or workshop with Jess for building skills to … improve work/product quality … evaluate priorities in the short and long term … develop the soft skills required for comprehensive, independent problem-solving … increase employee satisfaction … create more cohesive teams.

Realistic, introspective and always with dash of humor, Jess’ primary goal is best summed up as: “Observe. Question. Listen. Act! Curiosity and exploration are key, as treasures exist both on and off the beaten path.”

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Topics Jess Speaks About

Power to Learn is Power to Earn

Calling all  business leaders being asked to do more with less!

Act To PLAN is a new bold way to do business by working more with strengths and doing the work. PLAN is four frameworks: Power to Learn, Assess, and Navigate a profitable business.

In Power to Learn is Power to Earn, we discuss:

  • Where the power within our business is,
  • What our business can tell us vs what we need to have it tell us,
  • Understand how to use the information we collect, and
  • Choose the direction to reach goals.

It uses proven business techniques to maximize your company’s strengths, work flow, and culture.

The skills included in PLAN:

observation, listening, research, communication, integrity, problem solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, commitment, accountability, supporting others, diversity, adaptability

This is a program adapts to a keynote, presentation, 1/2 day or full day workshop. Jess will ask a few questions and suggest skills to focus on in the program – to support the skills you want to develop.

  • 7 Business Lies We Wish Were True
  • Change for the Good of the Business
  • The Strategy of All Strategies