Three Skills To Leverage in Team Building

For the last several years, businesses have spent tremendous energy and resources on efficiency. Tightening up processes, removing actions lacking returns, and even combining responsibilities into fewer roles. The big question is what to do in an always-changing market where we are overloaded, and often have more than our job – specifically, the people looking to us for guidance.

Elephants in the (Conference) Room

Elephants have strength and gentleness. They act with power and grace. They have pride and love. Just like elephants, humans also possess contrasting attributes – which can sometimes happen concurrently in an individual or a team. When opposing, interdependent emotions occur simultaneously, the path becomes clouded; momentum slows (even stops), missed deadlines crop up and accuracy decreases.


4 Steps for Business Problem Solving to Get Results

What are we supposed to do here?” is a question that I use to gauge what the team is thinking as we tackle problems together.

The steps to problem solving are universal, and we can apply all to situations throughout life – including business. Let’s imagine that the last problem we worked on is one that holds everyone’s focus, yet to which there will seemingly never – ever – be an end. One infuriating obstacle follows another. There is a lot of backtracking, and redoing different work. For such situations, the steps to problem solving represent a good beginning for shaking things up. We might just be able to fix more by knowing four simple actions to start building up those problem-solving muscles.