Elephants in the (Conference) Room

Elephants have strength and gentleness. They act with power and grace. They have pride and love. Just like elephants, humans also possess contrasting attributes – which can sometimes happen concurrently in an individual or a team. When opposing, interdependent emotions occur simultaneously, the path becomes clouded; momentum slows (even stops), missed deadlines crop up and accuracy decreases.


What Present Has to do With Business

(Spoiler Alert: There is NO Magic Box)

In maintaining a healthy and adaptable business, one helpful tip is to examine situations through different lenses. For example, let’s take the meaning of a single word. Here’s what happens when we look at our business through three definitions of the word “present”:

A present?! A gift for the business. I like that. In fact, the business needs that right now. The solution to everything that is wrong has arrived!

Be present?! A business? Sheesh, what does this have to do with me? The business exists and gives me a paycheck.

Present?! Everything is a priority now. Things are moving so fast, yet sales don’t reflect it. I’ve been waiting for something to happen with all this activity.


How do you get comfortable making choices?

The more we choose the easier the action becomes. There are three main components to making choices:

  1. Know there is a choice to be made.
  2. Understand what’s in our control (or not).
  3. Consider the options.

Let’s take moment to clarify: there are decisions we make for ourselves, our families, and for our work. The aforementioned topics explored here apply to all types of choices; however, we’re going to focus on work-related ones in this article.

How do you get comfortable making choices?

Talk to your audience, not at them.

The Push and Pull of Social Media Marketing

Shout from the rooftops. That’s the way it used to be – shout out a strategy with all the right components in place (medium, message, time), and awareness builds. Social media platforms threw a kink into that approach: pushing a message where people want to have conversations doesn’t work. Think about it…have you encountered someone who…