Make a practice of doing so trustyouractions-webevery moment of every day – even when nothing at all seems in control. In that chaos revelations will occur: the second you realize every action purposefully taken has built up toward a momentum of its very own.

Take a roller coaster ride with me. (Permission now for an eye roll … you’ve heard many sayings about life and roller coasters. But, I’m going somewhere different.)

In this moment, think about sitting down in the seat, pulling the metal harness over your head and hearing the click as it locks into place. So far so good; the car starts inching forward, and the ride begins.

This is a BIG roller coaster. It’s tall, has loops, and at least two huge drops to gain momentum. Up and up and UP … the first few minutes are always the hardest. So much energy building up, so much deliberate forward motion with the knowledge of what’s coming next. (Just writing this makes my hands a bit sweaty and every muscle in my body tighten up.)

Having ridden roller coasters many times, you know what’s coming; yet moment of pause occurs where everything is plain to see: where you were and where you are going.

Ready or not, at the end of that breather you’re carried forward by past actions.

You both create the observable actions in that paused moment and choose what events to build up the momentum that will achieve a life of its own (on a carefully crafted track you’ve designed).

A huge amount of self-trust is necessary for creating and working a plan, and recognizing when the actions have built up enough to launch you forward.

Trusting yourself in life and business is a learned skill. Come learn with Nora and I at the You’ve Got This! Online Summit starting August 16.

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