Prepare to Network

Networking in person is an art! Finding the groove that works for you takes continuous practice.

Susan Finch is the dynamic and sassy host of Sales Lead Management Association Radio. She invited me to chat about networking at events, conferences and in the most unexpected places on a show entitled “I don’t want your business card and you can’t make me take it!

Business Card Etiquette

Does anyone even have business cards today? I certainly do. The benefit of cards, especially when meeting people, is having something solid to leave with new contacts. Sure, you can type the details on a cell phone, but that requires looking at the phone. Though saving steps, the action might take away from the personal connection you are building.

Keep business cards handy and in easy reach! If meeting someone while waiting for the bus or shopping at a department store, there’s just a moment to share information. Talking will continue later when both parties have more time.

Show Up  You are Already in Motion

When deciding to attend an event, what considerations come up? Drive time, who might be there, and most of all: what you want to get out of it.

To achieve this goal, strive to be the person others remember as THE ONE to stay in touch with after making the connection, when the occasion is over.

Rise to the Networking Challenge

  • Be present.
  • Look me in the eye.
  • Continue the conversation after the event.
  • Thoughtfulness attracts people to you.

Watch or listen to the entire SLMA Radio program:

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