Leave it up to chance? Heck No!The Jess + Scott + You Show dreams big, offering pointed ideas to spark your creativity involving Google+ Hangouts on Air (HOA) – and beyond.

On the January 7, 2014 episode, for example, Scott Scowcroft and I talked about adding dimension to HOAs.

What do we mean by “adding dimension”? Well, part of the discussion involved baseline technology and another focused on the importance of thinking through the topic and practicing. Technology working seamlessly is fantastic. But fiddling with it when it doesn’t, drives me crazy.

Technology Avoidance

Plug and play represents an ideal experience…where the hardware requires nothing from you! Accordingly, I expect technology to help me in some way; if not, I don’t use it.

This is a type of avoidance. Even if a more advanced alternative exists, I will not change what works if the substitute is frustrating to learn.

But a sensible solution exists: find someone reliable who can help with your technology. Don’t let something like this get in your way.

Business Technology

Procure a technology partner. Unless you love toying with and figuring out settings, outsource this task. Such technical support ensures proper optimization of hardware and software.

Even better, a known expectation for the provided level of support guarantees stress relief ­– and enables you to focus on other important projects.

Technology Empowers

Having structure for technology affords the space to explore how to creatively express the focus of every message across platforms, in a way that minimizes both time and contact.

In short, you have the opportunity to create conversations and build experience online with both potential customers and business peers.

Your Turn: Transform Obstacles into Opportunities

What’s your biggest technology obstacle? How can you add dimension to your online efforts? How will you (re)solve hardware, software and Internet issues in 2014 so you can use your energy on building your craft?

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