Observe. Question. Act.Regardless of one’s role in a company, there are opportunities to support growth through bootstrapping (i.e. using available resources to obtain the biggest impact) … even with zero input into budgeting. Through the power of observation, recognizing trends – responses, comments, routines – serves to create possibilities and uncover ideas that can impact a business as much as mining electronic data.


Practice the skill of observation. Use the five senses to see what’s happening both at and below the surface. Notice what’s similar or different!

There is ALWAYS more to a story than the words describing the tale. Sometimes the cue is what’s not said. In other instances it’s not quantifiable … until witnessed over and over and over.


Routines and habits are fabulous … until they aren’t. Occasionally new ideas for growth or expansion come from questioning what, why and how things are done. Maybe the way to accomplish a goal changes evolving to a new iteration, or even sparking an idea to try something totally different.


Keep working. The efforts of digging into one or two carefully chosen initiatives (i.e. strategic choices) will ripple through other parts of the business.

With your passion, within your role, see what you can find. Bootstrapping your way to adding additional value ultimately expands your skills and influence. #PurposefulAction will consistently bring in information and context!

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