“A horse fly lives longer than a tweet.” –Bridget Willard

So why tweet at all? Do meaningful conversations actually happen? Skip those questions, and instead ask: 

What can I do to be attractive for conversations happening on Twitter?

Conversation happens fast on Twitter with status updates, tweet chats and live tweeting. Let’s take a look at live tweeting from two sides: event attendees and event speakers.

Attendees: Interactive learning, additive conversations.

Listening, writing and/or typing notes provides much personal value in the process of absorbing information. Note-taking is a necessary skill in and of itself. And, ya, I almost always have sticky notes with me. But we’re not talking about that…

Three benefits of live tweeting while at an event:

  1. Hashtags and custom information will help when going back and searching Twitter for your references – and for others searching similar topics.
  2. You can cheer on and support your favorite speakers.
  3. Helping others learn about the event may encourage these individuals to consider coming next time.

Bonus benefit: it’s an opportunity to connect with others and build new relationships for your network.

Speakers: Up your game.

As a presenter I’m really excited about live tweeting. No, not because I can schedule tweets during my presentation, or stand on the stage and tweet live while I’m talking. Instead, speakers can ask for engagement in a new and different way.

  1. When using slides, think about the text being 140 characters or less per slide (and if you are a picture presenter, consider adding key phrases as slides so your audience can share them out).
  2. Success as a speaker comes from voice inflection, speed and excitement. A great presentation comes from having a clearly distilled message – a single point broken down and illustrated with stories.
  3. Mention the key points and pause to allow time for people to tweet out the point. (And make sure the audience has your Twitter handle to shout you out too.)

Want to practice live tweeting? Check out the You’ve Got This! Online Summit August 16-19 (youvegotthisonline.com) and start developing your live tweeting muscle.

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