Who is your customer?  What do they want from you (do you solve their problem, or save them money, or make them feel good)?  Why are they interested in your business?  …and many other questions help you build customer profiles.

look for opporunities to connect with yoru customerRelationship longevity offers more benefits to your business:  repeat customers, strong understanding of their needs, and the ability to adapt and grow to the needs of ever changing markets (for you and them!).

Unfortunately, most people give up before their carefully crafted and time consuming work starts to yield results.  Success that is seen is more appealing (and it feels good too).  The hard work of finding new clients is a tough business – especially today. and tomorrow, and in the future as technology connects us in ways we can’t even image yet.

The position you take right now to support long term efforts will take off.  Here are a couple of tips to check in with for your next business review:



  • Provide Value.  This is the base for EVERY marketing and sales effort.  The proposition, pitch, and contributions through social media reflects your marketing message.  People want to know you care.  Find out how you can care about them and share information that will help them in their life for B2C (or business for B2B) sales.  Information sharing is the goal.  Don’t expect a response.  Make it easy – using the least amount of clicks – as possible.
  • Be the Trusted Resource. The more you share online, the more you demonstrate your knowledge and approach to business (and customer service) that factors into decisions about choosing a product or service.  Look for opportunities to share information outside of your product or service to connect at a deeper level.
  • Customize the Experience.  Whether in email, on a call, and on your website.  Provide opportunity for your prospects and current clients to find the information they want when they want it.  The more you know about each customer profile you build, the better you can lay out and plan your website to be an information powerhouse using the most logical path to that information.

What do you do to build long term relationships with people so that when they are ready they think of you to help them?

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