Products have intrinsic value.The purpose of a product is to serve others, with benefits to specific, defined groups of people. The inherent value grows and changes with time based on marketplace factors and how the core audience evolves.

How people use your product.

Consider the perceptions of people regularly using the product. Did they stick with the messaging and stay within the box? Or are they pushing the limits of a particular area or feature? What are the most unusual support and pre-sales questions you receive?

Your product fuels a consumer need. Tuning into the nature of customer applications and support queries will bend and stretch the item into its present form.

Each individual request is just that…a single request, and not particularly valuable alone. But the sheer quantity of information collected over time will paint a larger picture for evaluation and development activities.

Beyond bullet points.

Reviews are important, especially when the feedback doesn’t reflect a flawless score. Less than perfect reviews shape the product in practical ways. Confidence in purpose strengthens the message and digital footprint connecting the company to the audience.

Use of social media, blogging and content marketing strategies provide the foundation for a platform. Combine these with other Internet marketing strategies (specific to your company and target audience) to build awareness and trust.

Knowing target market segments helps to foster opportunity. Employing Character Customer Profiles to define and understand client lives and motivators will serve to identify true prospects (in marketing, sales and product development).

Customer perception, market changes and future product development impact the intrinsic value, which grows and changes as the product does.

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